Lapis Manalis, Lapis Tempestas... Tomato, Tomato

There's a fair bit written about the Lapis Manalis, which was a Roman stone that was believed to have some sort of control over the rain. There's a whole Wiki page about it here: so I wont go into a ton of detail myself. But sufficient to say, the Romans thought a lot of it. Performing a ceremony called 'aquaelicium', which means 'calling of the waters' in Latin, they'd use it to conjure up some rain when there was drought.

There's a bit of debate about whether the Lapis Manalis that was used for the ceremony is the same one that was said to cover the doorway to the underworld. I don't think it is - I think that the Lapis Manalis used in the aquaelicium was really the Lapis Tempestas. The little sketch comes from a Roman source, with 'manalis' written underneath it... and it's a similar sketch to later ones I've seen which are clearly the tempestas.

Though, I guess it's really all up for debate. If you're not convinced, by all means let me know. ;)